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Main Street Management Group was founded on the principles of service and integrity.   We understand that we are a service industry and our success depends solely on the quality of our service and the integrity with which we execute that service.


Some people have asked how we came up with the name Main Street Management Group. We thought a lot about a name that brought to mind honesty, integrity, and old-fashioned values – the core values we believe in – and how we could center the management of each community on these values.   At the heart of every community is a Main Street.  

Lake Norman

In most cases, the nostalgia of this street still reminds us of a time when neighbors looked out for each other, when doors were left unlocked, and you succeeded by working hard.   At the heart of what we provide to every association we manage is the type of service that is reminiscent of this time.  And that is how the name was chosen. 

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