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Our Services

Meetings and Site Visits

We believe the only way to properly service the communities we manage is to understand what happens on a daily basis.  We are regularly on site and attend every board meeting where we provide everything you need to have an efficient meeting.  Board members should be decision makers not doers.


We are proactive.  We regularly check for management issues at each amenity, stay ahead of maintenance, and take the appropriate actions to enforce community restrictions.


Financial Management and Strategic Planning

Main Street provides each Board of Directors with the tools to fulfill its fiduciary duty to the community.  Board members receive monthly financial reports via email that include everything from invoices to check copies and we post reports to the web for the community. 

An association’s common property is among the board’s highest responsibilities, and Main Street can help you develop a strategic plan and realistic budget to successfully prepare for repair or replacement of your association’s major common area assets.

Myrtle Beach Main Steet Management
South Carolina Main Street Managers

Information Management

Just as important as maintaining an association’s records is the ease in which those records can be accessed.  Main Street provides association members with online access to their account information, governing documents, financial information, and other current information.  We also use blast emails to make sure the community has the information they need and alerts in a timely manner. 

Vendor and Contract Management

We are local and that has enabled us to develop long standing relationships with many local area contractors and Town administrators.  

Main Street Management does not own any interest in any firm that conducts business with any of the Associations we manage, we do not get any fees from any firm that does business with Associations we manage, and we do not get any percentage of any maintenance contracts executed by the Association. 


Our services include:

•         Maintaining a database of proven contractors, along with insurance information

•         Soliciting proposals

•         Managing contracts

•         Supervising work

•         Processing payments

Continuing Education

At Main Street Management we continually strive to be the best.  In our office, we search out technology that will improve the tools we use to manage your community’s information and communicate with you.  


For our managers we provide the opportunity to continue their education and obtain their CAI certifications.


For the communities we manage, we provide:  guidance in understanding the governing documents, useful resources for enhancing property values and reaching community goals, and information on legislative changes affecting community associations.   We post a lot of helpful information on Facebook. 


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